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Friday, August 26, 2005

SugarShack 05 Mission Reviews Beryl My Kind of Exile

Sugar Shack 05:  Mission Reviews 05:  Beryl  My Kind of Exile

After working with a few exiles who live on street corners, Beryl’s place a wonderful change of pace.  She is to be found on the ninth floor of a building, in Midian Park at X: 1409, y: 33, z: -1087; prepare to be impressed.  Well-stocked bookcases, towering bamboo, luxurious furniture and smooth carpets…she has it all!  She stands in the middle of the room, perfectly poised to savor in perpetuity her fabulous pad.  Besides her, a new anonymous flunkies hang around, waiting to light her cigarettes and fetch her drinks.  

I’ve always thought that her place, and Thallia’s, would make wonderful clan hangouts.  They have the tony appearance, the profusion of furniture, and even a kitchen.  Plus, a clan could have its own pet contact!  Speaking of pets, when I was there she had a pet cat nearby!    It registered as a “glitch”, but it looks like a delightful feature to me!

Her mishes are straightforward, united in her desire for some pleasure and relief from her oppressive boyfriend Argon, who seems to be on the possessive side.

Mish 01:  Special Delivery

Like so many exile contact mishes, this one begins with a courier delivery.  You must take a package to an associate of Anti-M, a close “friend” of Beyl’s.  Inevitably, something goes awry here.  You are met by a couple of thugs, and one who chases you to the next destination.  But then you are done, and Beryl apologizes for the inconvenience!  If only Agent Gray talked to me this way!

Mish 02:  A Girl in Need

The flip side of Mish 01!  Get a package from Argon for her.  Really easy, and could be done with no fighting whatsoever, unless you choose to engage those who throw themselves in your path.  Notable is that her contact is giving you something for her which could be dangerous; it sounds like a drug of some sort.  The backstory mystery deepens!  

Mish 03:  Cut the Tail

After seeing the cat next to Beryl, when I saw the title for this, I started to fret.  But not to worry!  Beryl needs you to get rid of someone who’s been tailing her so she can have some private time with a friend.   This is not too difficult, and at the end, Beryl appreciatively purrs, “You’re so sweet to do that for me; I’ll remember you for sure”.  Sure she will!  I can see why Argon is so concerned!

Mish 04:  Fashion Statement

My hopes were high for this mish!  Pick up a special dress for Beryl, made by the Seamstress, no less!   But alas, it was not to be.  I discovered from the contact, Charis, that two more weeks were needed for its completion.  As a result, the dress in its current state is taken to someone so Argon does not see it, Beryl wants to surprise him.    This mish was a disappointment to me personally, I had been hoping for some new clothes to try on (I figured Beryl wouldn’t mind).  As I slunk out, disappointed, my operator chimed in, “You get some /weird/ assignments, Sugaree”.  Thanks, Captain Obvious!

Mish 05:  NoiseMaker

The story for this one is entertaining as well, and will appeal to the partygoer in all of us.  Beryl wants some quality time with Anti-M at a party, and needs us to distract the jealous Argon by attacking some of his men.  This one turned out to be much harder than I thought, more along the lines of stirring up a hornets’ nest.   In fact, I did this with the redoubtable gunner/martial artist Illyria1, and we were both killed quickly!  A little bit of tactics, and a lot of humility, though, helped us to prevail the second time.  Lots and lots of fighting though.

So, through this brief suite of missions, we have dropped off a gift for a two-timing tart, procured her drugs, and aided her in cheating on her boyfriend, right after helping her dress to please him!  I adore her simple life.  

And with that, we bid Beryl a fond farewell!  She has a lovely pad, dresses well, is clearly a hedonist, and gives warm responses.  My kind of contact!    Not only that, her mishes are straightforward, and require little travel.  My kind of mishes!  Why can’t all Exiles be like this?  

Soon we shall visit the alluring Anti-M, and try to find just what Beryl finds so compelling about her…