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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sugar Shack 45: Violet: Another Color in the Rainbow

Violet hangs out in a VIP room at Club Daemon (-210, -2, -1252), in the demimonde of Sobra Shores, where the sun never seems to shine. She watches as you come in, past a burly bodyguard (apparently she is sponsor to the buff Legions), and her eyes are sharp and cold; you feel like she knows all about you before you start to speak. Unlike some Exiles, she does not task you with testing yourself; she seems to know of you, and has an assignment all ready the instant you come in. She is all business in her violet gi, tight ponytail, and bizarrely incongruous combat gloves. Perhaps, like the killer in one Judge Dee mystery, she has burned her hands and does not want us to see them? But I liked her shoes.

1. Violent Pacification. Remind a straying exile of where his best interests lie… This is a mish you may have done before for someone else. You show up, and the principal laughs you off, ands tells his friends (an elite guard and a blood drunk) to dispatch you. Bulgey, the principal in this case, was more boastful and arrogant than most. And when his friends lay slain in front of him, he seemed angrier and more upset that I had killed them. Or maybe it was my imagination. But the message seems to have been sent. Interestingly, I had the option to engage him in combat. The mish, however, told me to let him live. Pity stayed my hand. Pity that I would blow my payment by sending him to join his friends.

2. Wages of Sin. Some of the buff, burly Legions who serve her and safeguard her inventory have been holding back, and examples must be made of them. Her warehouse came up short with a shipment of the exile-lethal White Knight virus. This mish took me to a really splendidly appointed condominium, where I proceeded to lay waste. One succubus gave me a “succubus kiss” which took me aback, but only dished out a single point of damage! It helped her not a bit. The dropoff contact for the virus disc is a redpill named AlCol; when we met he started to reflect back on his life with the mervs. Whatever! Nicely, this mish ends up right next to Violet’s club. I like little touches like that.

3. Problem Addict. It turns out that another redpill crew, Zionist this time, has stolen some White Knight and must be put own. The Zionists pleaded with me to abort, to try and understand their motivation, etc. I listened to them. Then I opened fire. Afterwards, I took the virus to a machinist datamining operation in Apollyon, so as to cause distraction from Indigo and his Guinness Lake operations. The attending agents did not take kindly to my visit, despite my exemplary machinist credentials. I mean, it was just a virus, just a little virus.

4. Drawn and Quartered. Violet has come across a curious program which she wants to examine. Problem is, it has been broken into three scattered pieces. One piece is on a bluepill’s computer, and you have to navigate through a domestic drama to get to it. A bemused sailor is standing in the middle of it all! Fun! The second piece has been captured by other exiles, and they must be fought. Violet sighs, “Fortunately for me, you value $information more than your life”. Curiously, in the second site there was a locked file cabinet which I could not open, and which seemed to have no bearing on the narrative flow whatsoever. The third piece is controlled by a Machine outpost; fortunately I was able to get it without killing everyone there.

At the end, you have three disks which you upload. That’s it; there’s no hint of what’s so special about this program. Violet does worry what it would do in less restrained hands. This made me wonder if maybe I should have held onto it.

5. Underneath the Surface. It turns out that the program I found was very important to someone someplace at some point; now a group of Exiles is looking for it. Preventing their recovery of it involves dropping it off with Indigo’s data warehouse guy. This dataminer turns out to be a total wuss, and I must rescue him from an attack. As a reward he gifts me with a black cowboy hat. A black cowboy hat!! Do I look like Buffalo Gal? I was moved beyond words. While I was trying to figure out which way was front with the hat, Violet called to thank me. She was not totally thrilled about Indigo getting this program, but “A smart warrior picks their fights”. I forgave her broken syntax and counted my money.

Conclusion: Bug-free, smooth missions. The variety was decent, and there was some nice characterization with the Zionist crew, the dataminer, etc. Yet there is no feeling what motivates Violet; she’s just another exile without an agenda. Why did she choose to support Indigo? The broken-into-three-parts program could be the beginning of something big for a future adventure. The options for killing the straying exile, the superfluous locked file cabinet, etc., could be bugs or they could have been simply loose narrative ends. Who can know? Who can know?