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Friday, August 26, 2005

SugarShack 06 Mission Reviews Anti-M Beryl's Friend

Sugar Shack 06:  Mish Reviews 06:  Anti-M

Last time, we visited the alluring Beryl, and discovered that much of her time and attention seemed to be focused on her close friend, Anti-M.  This week, we venture to a secluded walled square in the Mannsdale Housing Projects (x:164/y:5/z:-663) to make the acquaintance of this slender, stylishly-dressed woman.   All five of her missions were run on hard, and all were eminently doable.  None required more than 400 meters of travel, for which I am thankful.   Like Beryl, Anti-M has issues with Argon, and she enlists you to alleviate them….

Mish 01:  Protection Racket

Simple enough: Anti-M wants you to put some pressure on Argon by finding and snuffing four of his crew.  This is best done by tackling them piecemeal.   Along the way, you run into an NPC who offers to help.  I was all hackered up, and he matched my skillset and did a great job.  Naturally, I was expecting a doublecross, but he was faithful all the way.  Unfortunately, at the end of the mish, he stays in the mission area.  Good help, after all, is so hard to find!  At the end Anti-M confesses that she likes the way you do business.  

Mish 02:  Special Delivery

In this mish you play Post Office and deliver a letter from Anti-M to Beryl.  This is simple enough, though as soon as you drop off the letter (to a cut-out dressed like an out-take from Club Hell) some thugs show up in need of tough love.  One of them won my price for the Worst Loot Ever Received:  one (1) Code-Bit 2!!  I huffed and puffed my weary way to 50 for this??  At the end Anti-M affirms, “You know how to do a job right, Sugaree”; too bad the same cannot be said for whoever did the loot tables for this mish!

Mish 03:   Clear The Way

This is one of the easiest mishes assigned by anyone, anywhere, in any game.  Anti-M wishes to steal something being held by Argon for the Chotte Brothers.  All you need to do is kill four of Argon’s gunmen so others of Anti-M’s staff can grab the item.  They attack aggressively, but they attack individually, so it is easy to take them down, even on Hard setting.  And that’s it!  I had expected to be further tasked with procuring the item, since the team was in trouble, etc., but nothing happened to complicate the awesome simplicity of this mish.  I was surprised.  And disappointed.  Is this all Anti-M thought I was capable of?  My crisis of confidence continued into the next mish.

Mish 04:  Apothecary

Anti-M has some perfume to be given to Beryl; all you need to do is get it and drop it off.  This time, Argon’s thirsting for payback, and throws opponents your way; you need to visit three locations for this mish.  Getting the perfume (stored, oddly, inside a statue bust) is simple; dropping it off is much harder. But the soft words of praise at the end make it worthwhile:  “You handle delicate matters with much grace”.

Mish 05:  The Photographer

Only after you have established your cred with Anti-M does she give you this most sensitive of mishes.  An exile known as the Photographer has secured compromising images of Anti-M and Beryl, and is seeking to blackmail them with Argon.  Your job is to save their honor.    This is rather easier than you might think, since the Photographer has no defense and no guards!  High-end hacker spells brought him down in short order; your mileage will not vary.

The single complication, almost a bug, here is that at first I could not search his body.  I could search everywhere else, but searching his body yielded no response.  Only after I had left the room and come back in could I search him, get the pictures, and complete the mish.  This was non-intuitive.

And with that we leave Beryl and Anti-M, and their cheating hearts!  Visit them yourself and see what they offer you to further the cause of infidelity!    As for me, after hearing so much about how harsh and mean Argon is, it is inevitable that I soon turn to him.