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Thursday, November 24, 2005

SugarShack 07: BlueLile: Blood and Betrayal

SugarShack 07: BlueLile: Blood and Betrayal

Months and months ago, someone named BlueLile applied to The Collective on the strength of recommendation from a close friend of hers in another clan. Many people find strong solidarity in our clan, and he felt that she would fit in well, and enjoy the generally supportive atmosphere. She applied, charmed us all, was accepted, and joined my crew on Packetstorm. Over the weeks, she was not on all that much, due to the pressures of life that we all experience.

During this time, a leader from another clan extracted her account information for our server, and used it to rummage around, copying ideas and apparently anything else that caught her fancy. We detected this and put a stop to it. BlueLile publically apologized:

I understand why Sugaree and possible everyone else is mad at me :-(...she spent alote of time with me along with upstream and Saty aswell as Remy....and Sugaree was always so sweet and nice to I understand what she is saying becouse she probobly feels that I am something im not..I left the faction all I had to repay you all for what you have done is a lousy $4.000.000 and I wish I could do more :-\...but looks like ive already done enough damage,and to Sugaree..I am a klutz for doing that to you all..but ive not lied and I have done what was asked...and have left the faction and I only wish I could give you back the time you have given me...but it was all my fault becouse I should of said no and didnt :'-(, and becouse so ive done something bad and was stupid,but Gothique will not go without me saying my peace with her and what she has caused with my family and friends..but to answer those questions you might have...1.I am not Gothique.2.I am no longer her friend.3.I do not "work and or spy" for her..4.I only have one account.5.I am Christie and only Christie..the reast is up for you to beilive or not but ive never lied,not even to Sneaker when he asked..and if you dont then I dont really know what to say but it is for you to just so sorry..I know im not on a whole lot but..when I do it was early on,so you might not have seen me..and I am honestly upset and hurt by what has happened :'-(,maybe over time you can forgive me for my stupidety..

This other clan leader, named by BlueLile, then jumped in trying to claim she had been BlueLile all along:

well yeah the account is technically mine although a relative using it. I have no clue why she came up with this story (rp with a forum account? how can i do that?). I never logged in game impersonating her, so don't hate me for something i didnt do.
I am already very busy and dont have time for this type of rubbish.

I don't trick people into spying for me, but I dont deny loging on this account in the forums since i cant retrieve mine for some reason. I hope this thread is deleted and allegations of me tricking people into giving away details are cleared, because i am not like that.

please stop making so much drama about it, with all this alt business, every faction has some sort of "spying" going on. There are no evil plans to bring TC down.

Then she started posting on the MxO forums asserting that she and BlueLile were the victims. I posted as follows:

Indeed, we will miss her [BlueLile’s] charm and warmth. Regrettably, Gothique abused BlueLile's account on our clan's server. She misappropriated Blue's logon information, and used it to rummage on members-only areas of our server. Blue felt terrible after this and posted an apology.

We are all sorry about this. Sorry that Blue's account was abused. Sorry that Blue's trust was abused. Sorry that our clan's trust was abused. Sorry that my own trust in Blue was abused. Sorry that Gothique would take advantage of someone's innocence, for no valid reason.

Not that there is any valid reason for what you did you her, Gothique. And now you have the nerve to post like this about it, rubbing salt in a wound.

For the record, here is Sattakan’s definitive account:

I want to address what is going on over at the main boards. I think it is just pathetic and I want everone to get this timeline down. Currently Gothique is playing the victim role and making it seem that The Collective is harrassing and smearing her and Bluelile. That is laughable so let me get this straight.

*Gothique let's her cousin Bluelile use her secondary account.

*Gothique writes Bluelile's application to join TC

*Despite Gothiques obvious connection to Blue we give her a chance and let her in the clan

*Gothique uses Blue's password to these forums to gain access to private sections

*Gothique is able to view everything and does indeed steal and leak our ideas and plans. There is no coincidence that our Iacea event and her events were similar and we new we had a leak, we just didn't know from where.

*Bluelile was a valued member of our clan, we had nothing against her, I even favored her.

*Sneaker makes the discovery that two separate IP's were using Bluelile's password and was traced back to Gothique

*Gothique has been banned from our site 2 times already, yet still found a way to gain access. I call that harrassment

*Bluelile is informed that Gothique used her access to infiltrate our clan.

*We remove Bluelile's access to our private forums and Bluelile leaves the clan. We think Blue made a mistake and did not intentionally mean to harm anyone in this clan. We know how manipulative Gothique can be.

*Gothique finds out about it and sends me a message. She is surprised that I am even talking to her after what she did, her own words by the way.

*Bluelile posts up that she is leaving on TC general boards, and nobody smeared her.

*Gothique logs on as Bluelile and pretends to be her once again. She then says she was Bluelile the entire time. Then she changes her story to say that Bluelile is her cousin.

*Gothique asks me and Sneaker to remove Blueliles post from our general boards because she is embarrased. She says we were harrassing and attacking Bluelile. We never attacked Bluelile. Gothique said if we do not remove it she will take it to the main MxO boards.

*Gothique then makes a post on the main MxO boards which started all the drama over their and getting Mods involved. What does the rest of the community have to do with Gothique lying and spying on TC?

*Gothique claims we are smearing her. Look how the story has changed and been misdirected. She takes no responsibility for her actions, but the big bad Collective are the bad guys here.

One can only wonder why anyone would go to such lengths to find out what we are thinking. Is her clan so dull? But to treat people related to her this way goes way beyond contempt. When will she give up on the drama, just play the game, and let others do the same?