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Monday, December 05, 2005

Sugar Shack 14: Mission Reviews: The Weaver and Her Tangled Web

Sugar Shack 14: Mission Reviews: The Weaver and Her Tangled Web

After getting so sucked into Hypatia’s book-lined world last week, I wanted something more detached and less emotional, and sought it in Weaver, who may be found at South Vauxton (-1377, 1, -781). The Weaver has business dealings with the Seamstress, of course, and we should expect Scarlett to figure in this as well! The gentle, aesthetic Weaver starts off strong:

“Sugaree, huh? Never heard of you. And to be honest, I don’t like what I see. I mean, look at those cheap knockoff clothes….but I guess you will have to do”.

As if! One look at her gaudy, gauche, over-colored outfit would make anyone start asking why the pot was calling the kettle black. But I persevered for the sake of you, dear reader.

1. Warp and Weft

The Seamstress will buy some special fabric from her, but she needs silk from The Mothman. And he in turn needs some gang members snuffed. Got that? The attack site is a convenient stone’s throw from her street corner, but the Sleepers are not your average sleepers; they’re way tough. At the end The Weaver sighs, “It takes scum to deal with scum, I guess”, but concludes “Come back soon! I can always use good day labor.” Thanks! I think.

2. Danger Looms

The Weaver needs a critical piece of code for a Loom upgrade she has in mind, but does not want to pay the Pheasant (a local smuggler) for it. You can see where this is going, I’m sure! Two tough fights and a quick upload later, she warmly thanks you, “See? That wasn’t so hard, was it? Maybe next time you can show a little more initiative”. Why do I even bother?

3. To Rose with Love

In this short mish, you pick up silk from a bluepill tasked with holding it for Weave. However, the bluepill dies and you have to go visit his brokenhearted wife. Weaver, as always, is a fountain of sympathy for the lost and struggling: “I wonder what you were like as a bluepill? I can’t even imagine where you’d start in order to rise to your current level of incompetence.” And this for a successful mission!

4. Shuttle Mission

The silk from last mish has not been turning out as planned, and Weave wants you to take a sample for analysis to find out why. It turns out she has made a “novice” mistake, and you need some code to rectify things. This brings you into conflict with the area’s Runners gang, who have an unexplained interest in the code. Witty operator comments.

5. Devil in the Details

Weaver now wants retribution against the Seamstress for canceling an order! Talk about vindictive! This starts with wiping out a safe house for her, and then going to another Seamstress facility to drop off a virus and wipe out her server. She appreciates your work: “Well, it seems that when mindless killing is called for, you’re the person to talk to.”

When this is done, the Weaver has lost her patience with you, and gives you a “trinket” and dumps you unceremoniously. “Quite frankly, you’re a liability”. For my 50th level character, this was some enhanced gloves, suitable for a level 16 character. But it was the thought that counts, I guess. As if!

Overall, these mishes do not have the feeling for a deep storyline as some mishes do. But the missions are all thematically related. The interaction with her is delightfully written, and she comes off as a genuine character. And her missions are all within a small area; no running kilometers in any direction. However on a Hard setting, there were sometimes more Elite Guards than you could shake a stick at, so some company is best. And set your skin for thick, and your ego for strong, if you want to come through this unscathed.

This time I benefited from the ingenuity, companionship, and courage of Zurish, my clanmate.

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