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Monday, February 13, 2006

Sugar Shack 41: Silver: Mazy Meatless Menace

Sugar Shack 41: Silver: Mazy Meatless Menace

Naturally, Silver’s appearance matches his name: bright grey hair, a steel-grey shirt under a dark jacket. He has some sort of Borg eyepiece for his right eye. We have seen him before downtown for some of the Pandora’s Box mishes; we all know that he is quite seriously ambitious.

However, you could never tell it from his lair. To meet Silver (1006, -16, -520), you have to navigate your way through one of the labyrinthine dumps of Camon Heights, turning every few steps, sweeping spider webs, stepping over pizza boxes and beer bottles. Look for stained stairs going down, down, down. Eventually you find a sparkly datacenter where he stands right in the center, master of all he surveys.

All Silver’s missions relate to his research. Studying field fluctuations, rare code frags, other people’s inventions, etc. He’s like an evil, aggressive version of Mercury. He has the restless mind of a Benjamin Franklin, but without the personal charm. In fact, Silver never regards you with anything more than relaxed contempt. Suck it up; that’s the price we pay for xps and info: we don’t have to like our clients; we just have to collect from them.

1. Meet the Meat

Like most first mishes, this one is simple, if not exactly easy. Silver is “studying the field density fluctuation of the Matrix and how it is affected by ‘free roaming redpills’ like you”. To measure this, he wants you to pass through an area and kill everything there. Works for me! As an afterthought, he genially sneers, “Even you ought to be able to handle that.” I guess he has been talking to the Weaver.

After our powerful team laid waste to every single Exile there, Silver nodded curtly, ”Passable performance, meat. I suppose I can use you again.” “Curb your enthusiasm,” I said.

2. Software Run

This second mission is actually one of his easiest. You have to run in, insert a virus, and run for your life. “It’s very easy so you should be able to do it,” Silver reassured me, adding, “Oh, and don’t get killed by the guys that run the place.”

As instructed, I ran in, inserted the virus in the computer in the guards ready room (the one right next to the elevator), leaped past the guards over the counter, ran for the elevator, and died one foot from it, five hot slugs in my back. But we got credit for a success, so what’s not to like?

3. For Tat

In this most fascinating mission, Silver needs help in a deal with the cool, bewitching Hypatia from downtown. She wants someone killed, and thought of Silver, who thought of us. In exchange, she’ll help him with some research on some unusual code frags which have appeared recently. The hit is straightforward. The most interesting thing was meeting Hypatia. She complimented us on work well done, and invited us to look her up in Chelsea if we were looking for work.
Silver was characteristic: “At least you didn’t drool on Hypatia’s feet”. I think he is falling in love with me.

4. Mercury Sabotage

Silver hates Mercury as much as Mercury hates him. He thinks that the “lesser inventor” has been scheming to steal his research, and wants to discourage this interest. A nice virus, nicely inserted, does the trick. And for this mish, we just had to run in, pop in a disk, and run for our lives. Our powerful band was able to do this.

5. Just a Peek

But Silver is not done with Mercury yet. Now he tasks us with stealing one of his prototypes. Not that he needs it, mind you, he is simply “curious”. We found the location, we broke in, we killed all the guards, we got the prototype, and we dropped it off with a huffy, impatient aide of Silver’s. While we were running around, Silver barraged us with reflections. About how the Truce is a bad thing. About how scummy humans are. About how unclean he feels to be working with us. I can’t tell you how encouraged I felt, and how much it made me want to please him.

And when it was all over? Silver looked up from approving our timesheets, sighed, and barked: “You know, I’m sick of working with meat; it is more trouble than it is worth. Why don’t you go bother someone else?”

And that was it! He turned away and went to optimize a database or something. Love us and leave us, why don’t you? At least his check cleared.

So Silver’s missions have interesting connections with other Exiles. To me, this is always a good thing. Besides this, there are some noteworthy story components. And the fights were okay. Best of all, there were no escort missions!

These missions were unusually easy. Not because I was so strong, but because I was working with a very strong team. Special thanks go to S3per from Vidar’s Soldiers, and to my brothers and sisters from The Collective: BrightAngel, Cammara, Blackfir3, and Freez, who just hit 50 recently. Way to go!

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