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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sugar Shack 42: Molly B: A Force For Good For a Change

Sugar Shack 42: Molly B: A Force For Good For a Change

Even for an Exile, Molly B. seems odd. In a driving rain she stood alone in a park in the Moriah Projects (745,6,-259) surrounded by politely milling Crossbone Bumboos. In her brown-gold gi, heels, with carefully coiffed corncob-style hair and her complexion, she reminded me of Azyanna from Artificial Intelligence. In a warm, even voice, she explained that the Matrix is big enough for everyone to get along well. She claims to not work with the bristling ego that makes so many Exiles such a pain, and I have to say she is worlds removed from the kleptomaniacs, plutomaniacs, and just plain maniacs I have worked with so much. She’s much closer to Sister Margaret.

1. Saving Blue

An interesting first mission: a self-actualizing bluepill needs to be protected. Then I groaned when I realized it was an escort mish! As I reluctantly stepped into the blue’s apartment, she jumped up from her lonely Chinese takeout and Oprah rerun, and cried, “I’ve seen you before! I knew you were coming to save me! …. You are my savior!” I told her to take her time, that it was the last good meal she would ever have. Other than that I was encouraging, and got her safely to her destination, decommissioning a good number of Exiles along the way. Molly B. was pleased; I could see I had won her trust: “Thanks for taking care of that for me, Sugaree. You’re a keeper.” For sure!

2. The Prelude

“The Matrix is still an enigma to you. I can sense your inner turmoil, even if you deny it.” I am the last person to deny this, and appreciated someone who could sense how I felt. I sighed deeply as I read through the mission description. I am asked to protect someone, who has an important role to play in the future. This reminded me a little of Madame T.’s missions downtown.
For such a pacific mission, this one started out with a bang.

While I was still reading through the mission description, I came under attack! And as I jumped away to heal, I could see a malevolent little red dot following far, far below, waiting for another bite. This did little for my inner turmoil. The escort component of the mission goes well, as long as you take care to kill everything between you and the destination before leading the principal from the building.

Eventually I got her to the destination, and a woman looking a lot like Molly B. took her over for me. I felt puzzled as I left, wondering how in a world where everything begins with choice, one could see the future at all. Molly B.’s warm voice interrupted my reveries: “Your actions shall reap rewards you cannot yet know.” As I start doing my taxes this week, I’ll bear this in mind….

3. No Go Boom

Argon has some characteristically destructive plan which needs Molly B.’s intervention. This mission takes the form of confiscating four detonators disguised as cell phones, each secreted within a different box in one of Argon’s offices. This can be done without killing everyone there, but uncompromising slaughter does make things more convenient. When you are done at this single location, Moll B. sends praise your way: “Your services have saved innocent lives, Sugaree”. And scored some coin and xps along the way!

4. Data Points

“Silver is so obsessed with the perfection of his creations that he often cannot understand the long-range implications of what he is building” So we have to disrupt them.” Escort a scientist associate of Molly’s to plant false data. Getting her there safely takes some serious escorting skill. On the other hand, once you reach Silver’s research site, it turns out that there are no guards and no locks! Go figure! And then when you are done, the scientists elaborately yawns and says she will find her own way out and no further escort is necessary. She didn’t have to say that twice!

5. Grab the Boom

After absconding with Argon’s detonators, now we return to finish the job and steal his explosives! But we are not alone for this mission; the bluepill we escorted earlier has grown into a capable 50th level partner for us (What? Three hours to 50? Someone ccr this scheming sploiter!!)! Interestingly, the building she is in is surrounded not just by the area’s indigenous Crossbones, but by a pair of Furies as well!

She turns out to be a mixed blessing. Twice she pulled me into fight I wanted to avoid. But on the other hand, she did some great buffing for me as well. And the mobs didn’t dare even look at her! Once you have her, all you need to do is get some cardkeys, and then break into Argon’s storage center and kill all his guards. But without injuring the bystanders. Molly B has a team who will move in to do the rest, i.e., actually get the explosives. I left my protégé in the elevator while I did the killing; I did not want to risk her being injured, and I did not want to risk her witnessing me kill any bystanders who got in my way.

Overall, the fifth mission was the most interesting and ambitious of all. The returning bluepill, the varied locations, the back and forth to get the cardkeys, and the merit in thwarting Argon’s plan all made this a pleasure.

Conclusion: Some good writing, and an unusual character. Challenging missions. The physical simplicity of most will appeal to many. And best of all, it’s nice to be doing something good for a change.

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