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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sugar Shack 60: Before You Die

Sugar Shack 60: Before You Die

It’s so easy to get jaded. You have your Flaming Eye Trench, your Awakening Jacket, your Beta loot, and you feel like you’ve been everywhere and done everything. But MxO continues to surprise me, years after the first time I hit 50. And as I contemplate yet another evening of trying to max my rep or watch duels, or farming for teal pills, I started to think of everything I had done and everything I had not done. There’s still such wealth in MxO that we all take for granted: the textures, the characters, the loot, the world. I thought I’d make a list of the things you should definitely do for yourself before crying out “There’s no content!”.

So, here is my list of things you should do in MxO, in no special order; please add onto it!

1. All the Pandora’s Box mishes, and gotten all the maxed items.
2. Role up and build up an alt, unbeknownst to anyone.
3. Done all the neighborhood contact missions.
4. Maxed your reputation.
5. Worked on something for QA.
6. Won an argument with wit rather than sixth-grade scatology.
7. Understand the rational for every organization.
8. Found and reported a bug.
9. Found and kept to yourself a couple of secret places where you like to hang out by yourself.
10. Worked on a player-run event, like Pilot’s Olympics or Sattakan’s sexiest red pill contests.
11. Wandered downtown as a noob, running for your life constantly.
12. Stood on the edge of the world, watching the lives that lie forever beyond your reach, until someone calls you for dinner.
13. Had Rarebit or Walrus answer an email of yours.
14. Been meatwadded by a dev.
15. Done something for your clan.
16. Gone to the White Room.
17. Shaken Agent Gray’s hand.
18. Successfully decompiled a level-50 item.
19. Successfully compiled a level50 item.
20. Gotten an area K coat.
21. Watched the setting sun in Chinatown.
22. Made your own clothes.
23. Eaten some cake alone, and some socially.
24. Fought to within 5 hp, and survived.
25. Argued with a principal (Agent, Gray, Niobe, etc.).
26. Gotten something from a principal (cookie, gun, mask, etc.).
27. Done something in character you would never have thought of doing IRL.
28. Done all the missions for the competing organizations.
29. Made your own sig.
30. Gotten the Union Hill access node key.
31. Spent substantial time in every construct, and gotten to know them.
32. Been Player of the Week.
33. Done the Stat Hack Mish solo.
34. Re-done your whole appearance.
35. Helped your clan survive a split or drama-storm.
36. Done a good job as an organizational liaison (not for the faint of heart!).

I haven’t done all these yet myself, but not for want of trying.